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British service personnel

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What we do

Continuing to serve is a mantra you will hear us talk about at every turn. One thing that a military career emphasises is selfless service and service to others. We don’t believe that this should end when an individual leaves the forces. It is a fulfilling experience to serve, not something that you find everywhere but, something we wish to spread in our communities, whether in local business, community groups or by starting something new and unique in your local area. We can find you someone to take the lead and in turn we ask that you help him or her integrate back into the community and find employment! We believe that this simple transaction will help bond communities together and move forward collectively for a positive future.

BackOutThere starts with focusing on the veteran in his or her own community. We want to support them in working out where they want to go in life and what they can achieve rather than focus on their limitations. Many of our veterans have several qualifications under their belt, but don’t feel able to use them once their circumstances have changed when attempting to resettle back into civilian life. Our aim is to inspire them to rethink how they can follow their passions, reconnect with their communities and rebuild a life with purpose; in the process we hope they will inspire you too.



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